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Caryl Baker Quartet

Originally a Trio, the Caryl Baker Quartet presents the compositions of its pianist and leader Caryl Baker. With the combination of lyricism, rythmical energy, restraint and exuberance, the music presented and interpreted by Caryl Baker (piano), Luigi Galati (drums), Emanuel Schnyder (double bass), and Daniel Erismann (trumpet) makes a good impression of its improvisation proneness, of its "search of a sound" and reveals the different musical personalities.

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Caryl Baker (piano)

professional musician, composer, producer and music teacher, Caryl graduated at the Swiss Jazz School in Bern in 2002. He played and perfectioned his style with world known players such as Kenny Baron, Jerry Bergonzi, Chico Freeman, Bob Mintzer, Ray Brown...

Caryl is at home in many styles such as jazz, latin jazz, funk, salsa and performed in Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, Danemark with his own band Caryl Baker Quartet and others such as Orchestra Tentacion, Batambo, Son como Son, Alexandre Nussbaum Acoustic Trio, Sylvie Bourban Duo...

He played in international Jazz Festivals in Palma de Majorca, Montreux, Cully, Bern, Zürich, Geneva...

Daniel Erismann (trumpet and flugelhorn)

professional musician, composer, producer and music teacher, Daniel studied at the Biel/Bienne Conservatory, at the Salzburg University of music and graduated at the Luzern Jazz School. With his bands Daniel Erismann Trio, Latin Perpective and the orchestral projects "Autour du Monde" and "Biel/Bienne Jazz Orchestra", Daniel played many concerts in Italy , France, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Mexico, Cuba, United States and Korea.

He also played in the well known salsa orchestras Picason, Orchestra Tentacion and Palatimba. Festivals:

Villette Jazz Festival in Paris, Basel Xopf-Festival, Jazz Festival Willisau, the Montreux Jazz Festival, with Förderpreisband Generations Jazz Festival 2002Frauenfeld, Theaterfestival "Frictions", Dijon 2005, Walo Award 2000.

Emmanuel Schnyder (double bass)

professional bassist, composer, producer and music teacher, Emanuel graduated at the Luzern Jazz School.

Since 1990 Emanuel is regularly playing on the Swiss and European Jazz scenes mainly with the well known band Brinkmanship and the following musicians: Chico Freeman, Harald Haerter, Christy Doran, Fabian Kuratli, Phillip Schaufelberger, Beat Wenger, Rahel Hadorn, Stephan Urwiler, Pascal Dussex, Andi Marti, Bo Wiget, Daniel Schnyder, Christian Gutfleisch, Andre Kunz, Jürg Bucher, Francis Coletta, Lionel Hampton, Lucas Niggli, David Klein, Oliver Tabeling,Schifer Schafer, Urs Wiesner, John Allred, John Tarr, Roland Philip, Kaspar Rast, Peter Wagner, Röbi Weder, Oliver Kuster, Marco Figini...

Luigi Galati (drums)

professional drumer, composer, producer and music teacher, Luigi graduated at the Montreux Jazz Conservatory. Working as an independant musician, Luigi is teaching drums in many music schools of the french part of Switzerland (Geneva Conservatory, Ton sur Ton in La Chaux-de-Fonds).

With no stylistic barrier, Luigi is touring intensively on the Swiss and European jazz scenes and played in many festivals such as: Montreux Jazz 2002-2004-2006-2007-2011, Other Jazz (Neuchâtel), Urbaines (Lausanne), Cully, Jazz Parade (Fribourg), Jazz à Berne, Pattaya (Thaïlande), Jazz à Ouaga (Burkina Faso), Festival international de Jazz de Conakry (Guinée) et de St.-Louis (Sénégal), Festival des Cropettes 2007-2009-2010 (Genève), Swiss Diagonales 2007 (Fanny Anderegg Quartet), Festival Onze Plus 2010, Mont-Soleil, Festi Neuch 2005-2007-2010, Lafibala 2007 (France)…